2012, I’m not ready for you.

March 14, 2011

March 11, 2011 – Japan was hit by a massive earthquake and tsunami that had damage thousands of  lives and properties.


As I was sitting on our living room’s cozy couch, I watched the evening news as part of my daily routine. Little did I know that a destructive nature disaster would hit a 1st world country here in Asia – a neighbor of  ours, the rich country of Japan. I was in a grave state of shock as I hear the news. I pity those people whose lives were greatly affected, they don’t even know how will they be able to start a brand new way of living. But something struck my mind – is this the start of  the end of the world? Every single event that happened on the movie “2012” had a brief flashback on my mind. Today, March 14, I and my ever-loving friends were in school, seriously talking about all of these stuffs that has been bothering our young minds. Most of us were really paranoid with what’s going on. Some of us even received messages regarding those matters. It’s really driving me nuts, knowing that I can’t do something to stop what’s happening in our world.

To keep myself updated with what’s happening within my surroundings, I always try to keep myself online and view different posts in Tumblr and Facebook. A lot of concern people would posts pictures and dedications to pray for Japan, and I guess, that’s the best thing to do as of the very moment. Not only should we pray for Japan, but for every country in this world, especially those countries near Japan.


May they be able to find a source of strength and bravery in times of difficulties ;

May they be able to experience calmness and solemnity despite what’s going on ;

May they be able to know what’s right from wrong ;

May they be able to search for safety and secureness ;

Lastly, May they be able to find even just a little amount of time to pray to the Almighty Father.


Put a little faith in it. He won’t let us down. He will listen to our desires.

For now, let’s just hope for the best and set aside those pessimistic thoughts on our mind.



Earthquakes … Tsunamis … Now, come to think again. Is it time to party? Party like it’s 2012?

I don’t think so.


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