College, you are fast-approaching.

March 15, 2011

School’s almost over, or should I say, High school’s about to end. Now,I need to prepare for another chapter of my life which is college. So, what about college? What about my future?

As my Senior year started, I told myself that I would take up a course dealing with communications. Talking in front of a large crowd nor writing anything under the blue sky has always been my passion. It’s something that I dreamed for a very long time. I wanted to be a veteran news anchor/newscaster or a critically-acclaimed writer/author. I always remind myself that I’ll be a successful woman in my chosen field, yet there were some hindrances I had faced. My mother was contradictory with what I love. She always wanted her daughter to be a famous doctor here in our country. She wanted me to take up a pre-med course in a prestigious university. I am not against being a doctor, for it is a very honorable profession but – there’s a big “BUT,” I never imagined myself working inside the hospital, with its indescribable odor as I wear a white uniform beneath my civilian clothes. I never imagined myself having to study for medical proper. I never imagined myself dealing with needles, medicines, machines, blood, etc. To cut this short, I don’t want to be a doctor. NCAE results were released then guess what? The scientific ability part was my LOWEST. Uh-oh, I’m in grave danger.

Here’s the catch: My parents already allowed me to take up a course with whatever I’m passionate about. They’ll be supportive whatever happens. One day, I thought “why not take up a pre-law course? In replace of being a doctor, I can call myself Attorney *inserts whole name here.* Besides, I can still write and speak here unlike studying medicine for a lot of years. So yes, I am going to take up a pre-law course that suits me. The problem is, I don’t know which one to take up in La Salle – Taft.

God, here I am again, asking for your help and guidance. I want to have the best future for myself. I still want fulfill to  my dreams. I want to be successful. I want to be the best with what I am capable of.

With much love,



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