High School: The Best Thing that ever Happened to me.

March 20, 2011


Though how much you hate it, you will always end up missing it.


Three more days before our High school graduation. What am I suppose to feel? Should I feel excited? Happy? Lonely? Right at this very moment, I cannot distinguish those emotions running inside of me. Four years of countless laughters, joys, pains, and exhaustions are now finally over. One thing’s for sure: I will definitely miss a lot, especially when I go to college.

Now, let me start this blog by reminiscing some of those unforgettable moments in my Senior year, since it is the most unforgettable year in my high school life. Having my life-long friends with me made my year more inseparable. They were the ones who were with me through all the shits I’ve been through with my life. They were by my side through all my ups and downs, high’s and low’s, and numerous problems that I’ve been through, may it be because of my family, lover, etc. No words can express how thankful I am for having them in my life. A lot of people would say that we feel lucky each time whenever we can count on our friends, but I don’t. I don’t even think that lucky is the appropriate word for it. In my opinion, I feel so much blessed. Though I missed out a lot of special events with them, those simple memories I had with everyone of them are the most irreplaceable ones. Being in the most sweetest section of all the 4th year is another thing. Being a part of IV – St. Ignatius de Loyola of St. Paul College of Makati is the best thing ever. Being united especially during contests feels so good, yet I’ve learned that we don’t need to win every contest. Having to experience downfalls make us a lot stronger as a class. Bagging a lot of certificates, trophies, or medals does not matter at all. What matters most is we put God in everything we do. This is all for Him. Whatever we do, it is in the heart of our souls.


P.E. Days

Remember our first picture wearing our SPC shirt and blue jogging pants?

Favorite CAT.

I know we all had so much fun interacting with those kids in Silong Tanglaw, QC.


Climbing a hundred steps and getting dirty just to reach the peek of the mountain

was all worth it because of you, guys.

Awesome Retreat

Mrs. Calimag: “Sa lahat ng pinuntahan kong retreat, sa section niyo lang ako naiyak.”

Fr. Maxwell taught us that this isn’t an unforgettabe nor a memorable retreat, it is awesome.

St. Paul’s Week

Last contest of the year. All hail, Champions.

Shooting at MOA

Thanks to Bettina for giving us a ride. Had a blast at MOA while doing our project.

Jani bes. ❤

Meet my best friend, my everything and so much more.

We cooked “Hawaiian Tuna” for our TLE project.

My favorite girls.

Prim and proper, Finesse and grace.

We were all fine ladies and gentlemen during a night to remember.

Fooling around.

This is what we call a “Human Roll.” And this is our favorite game. \m/

Last but not the least…

The reason of IV-St. Ignatius' existence.

Our adviser, our mentor, our friend, our confidante – All in one.


Ignatians, thank you for giving me a wonderful year to remember. I will definitely miss each and everyone of you. I will absolutely miss everything about this amazing section, even the little things. I hope we’ll still stay in touch with one another. Thank you, sorry, and I love you. You’re the best people to be with.


“Farewell to you my friends, we’ll see each other again

Don”t worry ’cause it’s not the end of everything.

I may be miles away, but this is where my heart will stay…

With you, farewell to you.”


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  1. source Says:

    Just added this blog to my favorites. I enjoy reading your blogs and hope you keep them coming!

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