Summer Bummer.

April 4, 2011

Summer. This is a time we’ve all been waiting for, especially for us, students. A lot of people would expect us not to be staying in our homes most of the time, having spending our times with our dearly-beloved friends, lover, or even acquaintances. But look at most teenagers now, spending their time logging-in on their social networking sites account.

The best example of this is none other than myself. When I wake up in the morning, it was always my routine to grab my phone and read messages, or text people. Leave my damn bed with everything’s unfix. Turn on the laptop and click 3 tabs: one for Facebook, another for Tumblr and Twitter. How come I spend my time doing unnecessary things like that? It is because I don’t know what to do and how to spend my time properly. Having a Research subject during my Senior year, I and my group decided to tackle all about time management. How come I didn’t learn a two or thing about it? Maybe because I’ve realized that we don’t know how and where to use our time that we could find ourselves enjoying and having fun. We could be planning for some quality time bondings together with our loved ones, find a decent summer job so we could be able to help our parents when it comes to financial assistance, exercise a lot or find a new support to keep ourselves healthy and physically fit. There are a lot of activities where we can spend our time wisely, but we just don’t know the right activities for us.


From now on, I won’t call myself a “summer bummer” anymore. I will keep myself in good shape and find a summer job for me to spend my time wisely. Summer, let’s get this thing started.


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