Summer before college.

April 17, 2011

Who wouldn’t want to go to the beach? Have fun under the sun while building sandcastles, wearing your skimpy bikini, and swimming on that blue-colored sea while getting a tan. Or maybe going to a famous amusement park sounds fun too, right? Riding different amusement rides with your barkadas or boyfriend while shouting at the top of your lungs. I DO. Everyone of us wants to.

Before classes starts for me at May 25 in DLSU, I want to spend my summer productively while enjoying and having fun at its peak. I want to go to a beautiful paradise, particularly the beach. I want to swim and feel the summer heat. I want to have a henna, just like last summer, when I went to Boracay. I want to buy souvenirs and take pictures of me while enjoying the crisp beach’s sand. I want to go to a historical place, go back in time and take a look on how plainly young gentlemen portray their roles as our country’s very own heroes. I want a summer job so that I can earn money by myself and don’t need to ask money to my parents whenever I go out here in our home. I want an adventure to remember. I want an experience that’ll last a lifetime.


This has been one of the most epic fail summer I have ever experience in my 16 years of existence here in this world. I’m stuck here at home, nothing to do but open my Tumblr, Twitter and Facebook accounts and browse them for hours. Not only that, I’m stuck at home knowing that I won’t be able to attend dance workshops in Orange Dance Studio because I have too much expenses since I am now entering for college. It’s just the same old, not mentioning, boring routine. I want it to be change but I don’t know exactly where to start.


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