Super-sized summer getaway.

May 2, 2011


Summer Escapade at Canyon Woods.

Canyon Woods, located in Batangas, Philippines, is a residential resort and an ideal spot for family or barkada getaways. It has a main clubhouse which contains a mini-theatre, indoor pool, spa facilities, games and arcade area, function rooms, etc. While on the other end, it has a lodge, that contains a mini-golf course, outdoor pool, wide area for bowling, fishing, boating, tennis, etc. activities. Its main attraction is their enormous golf course which is very ideal for typical golf enthusiast.

We had our vacation in the said resort from April 28 until May 1. The picture above was the house we rented for 3 days and 2 nights. It really is big, comfy and beautiful. For our 1st day, we just stayed inside the house since we already arrived late and watched the most anticipated Royal Wedding of the year, as Kate Middleton and Prince William said their vows. The next day, we went jogging, played badminton, food trip, fishing and arcade. Yay, fun day! For the last day, we went to Amadeo to celebrate their fiesta. This was an awesome bonding between me and my family. I’ll surely miss this.


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