College girl already.

May 7, 2011

The picture shown above is my schedule for the 1st trimester in De La Salle University. These are the legends to follow for the following subject codes shown above:

FILKOMU – Komunikasyon sa Filipinohiya

FWTEAMS – Fitness and Wellness in Team Sports

PERSEF1 – Personal Effectiveness 1

MATH111 – College Algebra

MATH112 – Trigonometry

LBYPHYX – Physics Laboratory 1 for Physics Majors

KASPIL1 – Buhay, mga Sinulat at Nagawa ni Dr. Jose Rizal

I’m all good with those subjects except for the 2 Maths. Well, I’m not really a Math enthusiast and I don’t claim to be for I’m not good at it. So, good luck with that. I already have my DLSU handbook and I’m starting to read it to inform myself with the daily dose of how a Lasallian student goes like. So I’m all set for college! I just need to attend my LPEP which is on the 13th and 14th then hello, green and white! Animo La Salle, it is. Welcome to my second home.


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