A fine line between high school and college.

July 16, 2011

Since I haven’t been to school for a couple of days because I’m stuck here at home due to my Chickenpox, I wanted to share my experiences during my first term in De La Salle University as a frosh. They call it here as a “frosh” instead of Freshman so we would be able to generalize ourselves as men, women and other genders too. I’m absolutely enjoying my stay here in DLSU because I feel at home, relieve, and carefree. Jam-packed with lots of school works here and there since I’m taking up BS Pre-med Physics for my Med-proper, I still get to enjoy and socialize with new people and fresh faces, may it be someone from the Upperclassmen or a Frosh like me.

There’s no time for being petiks, as what I’ve felt. I experienced being in the school’s main library for hours just to do every single school work that I can finish, or at least take a seat in SJ Brown, together with my ever-reliable college friends, to study and review notes. When I was in my Senior year in high school, I wouldn’t even have the guts to grab my notebook and study for any upcoming quiz, even for the major subjects. But now, I learn to prioritize even the minor ones. Before, I used to fail my Math quizzes or exams, and I won’t even pass my projects and homeworks due to laziness, but now, I give a damn with every single quiz I take. Actually, it was my first time to have goosebumps before I take a quiz. And after I’ve taken it already, I can’t relax – I need to know what fucking grade I might get. Whenever I fail a quiz especially when I know I work hard for it, I usually get this mini heart attack feeling of disappointment and frustration. Oh well, tough life. TAFT life.

I was one of those many students who were fetch by drivers because of my strict parents. I go to school at exactly 6:15 only to arrive in SPCM 15 minutes after. After class (which ends at exactly 4PM), I immediately ride the car and go home. But now? Whenever I have a class that starts at 8AM, I wake up at 5:30, prepare myself and go to school at 6:30 or so, only to arrive at 7:30. Unfortunately, there’s always a long line at the elevators of Andrew Hall which serves thousands of students everyday. When I was almost late for class, I had no choice but to take the stairs from ground floor all the way to the 11th floor. Mind you, it was no joke. My legs were hurting, and I was perspiring early in the morning. At the end of the day, I walk towards the LRT Vito Cruz station, ride the train, walk a few steps towards the MRT Taft station, ride the train again, drop at the Shaw Blvd. station, walk a few steps again and again, ride the tricycle and tadaaaa! Home, at last. Big difference, isn’t it? I was just a kiddo who knows nothing ; now I’m a teenager, exploring every single thing. My parents watch me go from zero to hero as their daughter arrives from school – her face, fuck up and in distress.

One of those exciting things in college is to try out different restaurants, canteens, and cafeterias around the university. Even though we have a big allowance 6 days a week (double my allowance when I was in HS), we still need to be thrifty since there are a lot of expenses in school, not to mention our huge amount of tuition fees. As for the canteens inside DLSU, we disliked eating in Zaide (the canteen near SJ Hall), because the foods are expensive and their servings won’t satisfy our stomach. We love pigging out in the Animo Food house, because it’s cheap and their foods are delighting and oh-so yummy. There are a lot of restaurants outside DLSU. There’s Yellowcab, Army Navy, Flaming Wings, Tropical Hut, Starbucks, Kenny Rogers, Tapa King, Mang Inasal, among others. Include those inside the University Mall. So there! Whenever I and my blockmates have an ample amount of time, we usually hit a new restaurant and get to try it out. It’s our way of bonding while we talk about our small achievements of the day.

Suspension of classes isn’t “in”  in college. Having heavy rains and loud thunderstorms was never a hindrance for us to go and continue our class. Besides UST, DLSU and its students also experiences flood up to their knees. It was a big hassle for all Lasallians and other nearby schools, especially for the ones commuting, like me. My pants were dripping wet because of the flood, as well as my shirt. That sticky feeling on your feet when it’s wet? Ugh, I’m not a fan of that. So I said goodbye to the smell of my brand new Toms. I’ve now learned to bring with me a pair of Havaianas everyday, just in case the rain won’t stop.

“Studies first” – my mom usually always reminds me of this, and this time I know say she’s right. Mom knows best. Talk about the difference of having a priority and option in life. I used to be an internet junk way back years ago, opening 1 window and having numerous tabs on it. Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, WordPress – name it, I have it. But now, I rarely open those accounts. I’ve learned to control myself and open them at least once a week. I was also once hooked up in texting, and I’m still! Nah, kidding aside. I only text those important ones, and ditch others. Now, see the big difference?

I can now probably say that there’s a gigantic difference between high school and college. College is a big world. Fresh faces, new environment. I still have a lot of things to explore, I guess. For now, I just need to go with the flow and make the most out of everything. Grab opportunities, take chances. What matters most is the courage to take the risk. After all, there’s no harm in trying a whole new lot of things. Sometimes, we just need to get out of our comfort zone and see the real world. Being a normal and ordinary student was never a part of my vocabulary.


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