ENGLCOM Cause & Effect Essay

December 11, 2011

TOPIC: Popularity of fast food restaurants


In this fast phase world that we have now, anything that is cheap and instant will surely trend in the market – including food. There are a lot of reasons why fast food restaurants have grown so popular in the food industry wherever we go. First, since they are called “fast food,” employees of those establishments will surely serve your food as fast as they can because they are typically known for that kind of service that you won’t even get from a fine dining experience. For this reason, it becomes a big hit for everyone; especially to students and workers who tend to become impatient because of their hectic schedules. Second, it is also known for its cheap yet delicious food for customers who want to satisfy their cravings.  Most of the people are now learning how to use their money wisely and be thrifty when it comes to their expenses and this persuades them to come and go to fast food restaurants. Finally, as the popularity of fast food restaurant arises, groups of people in the business industry saves up for a big capital and invest by franchising some of the world’s most famous fast food chains including: McDonald’s, KFC, Burger King, Wendy’s, among others. For many people, fast food restaurants have continuously spread in our country for it gives people of all ages an ample amount of satisfaction and convenience that makes their life easier and that’s what makes it popular in the food industry up until now.


*The essay was made by the writer itself for school purposes.


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