ENGLCOM Descriptive Paragraph

December 11, 2011

TOPIC: Shopping


Shopping is an act of purchasing a lot of unnecessary thing in just a day or two. It can be in the form of clothes, gadgets, shoes, etc. or something that a certain person likes to collect. It is usually done by girls all over the world and they are being referred to as “shopaholics.” The act of shopping may be treated as a form of stress reliever temporarily. It definitely gives joy and a guarantee of satisfaction to grab and buy numerous amount of stuff in just a single day.

I am one of those millions of girls who are pledged guilty of taking a stroll inside a mall having lots of paper bags wrapped around my hands containing those things that I would love to have inside my closet. Shopping is usually done during leisure time, or perhaps, in those moments of distress and dark, gloomy days. It gives a vibrant and wonderful smile on one’s face despite the melancholic feeling. Though it may be too extravagant on a person’s pocket, you won’t be able to realize how expensive are the things you bought – not unless you check what’s inside your wallet. The bright side of it is that it gives an ample amount of fulfilment and contentment that you won’t be able to get from other things in just a snap of your finger.

Now that we already have enough knowledge about shopping, we must be able to apply discipline and limitations whenever we are stuck in that kind of situation or scenario .We benefit from shopping most of the time, but we must bear in mind that too much of anything is bad for ourselves.


*The essay was made by the writer itself for school purposes.


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