ENGLCOM E-portfolio

December 11, 2011

1. What pieces of evidence in your portfolio show that you have achieved the desired learning results (DLR)? How does each piece of evidence prove that you have achieved each DLR?

  • Pieces of evidence attach on my portfolio such as essays, exams, drafts, etc. had proven that I achieved the desired learning results (DLR). Each piece of evidence proved that I have achieved each DLR, namely: effective communicator, critical and creative thinker, reflective lifelong learner, and service-driven citizens by showing that I have applied grammar rules in our communication tasks,  identified and corrected my own grammatical lapses, analyzed my weaknesses in grammar, word choice, and mechanics, as well as set goals and evaluated my progress, and lastly, identified as many errors in billboards/signages or campus publications and I was able to prepare an action plan to correct the errors by placing it on a separate portfolio as part of the requirements on my ENGLCOM Grammar class.

2. What DLR did you find difficult to achieve and why?

  • The DLR which I find difficult to achieve was to be a critical and creative thinker. I admit that I am not a student who is an obsessive compulsive when it comes to making my essays coherent, concise, and clear. I even confuse my readers because my thoughts and my ideas are not arrange and direct to the point. I am not even a fan of making first and second drafts for my essay. Instead, I write them down immediately on a paper without even correcting my own mistakes and lapses. These are the reasons why I think that this DLR is what I find difficult to achieve.

3. What piece of evidence are you most proud of? Why?

  • My diagnostic writing test is the piece of evidence that I am most proud of. We were completely unaware that we were ought to write something that we have learned about English during our elementary and high school years, so I was unprepared. I was definitely shock but overwhelmed at the same time to write an essay after a few months. Not only do I love to write, but I also love the topic that I am writing about, so I enjoyed writing this piece of evidence. When our paper was given back to us by Ms. Steel, I have a lot of corrections to correct, including perfect tense formation, punctuation, and subject verb agreement; nevertheless, I got a 7 out of 8. Not bad!

4. How do you justify the revisions you made on your major essays? Cite specific examples.

  • When our first and second drafts of our major essays such as extended definition and argumentative were given to us after it was checked, it has a lot of corrections in it. It was a bit frustrating but I definitely learned a lot from those mistakes and errors. For example, in my extended definition essay which was all about passion, the original statement on my draft was “With passion, our life becomes even more exciting because it gives us a chase of adventure and frenzy feeling too.” The word chase and frenzy were encircled because they have an error on it. The word “chase” was inaccurate on the sentence and the word “frenzy” was an inappropriate adjective to modify feeling. Instead, I revised the said sentence by saying “With passion, our life becomes even more exciting because it gives us an exciting adventure and outburst of emotions too.” On the other hand, on my argumentative essay regarding the worthiness to splurge on name brands, I have said that “International designer labels including Louis Vuittion, Dolce & Gabbana, Salvatore Ferragamo, Calvin Klein, etc. has ruled the fashion industry for decades already.”  On my final draft, I revised it with “International designer lables including Louis Vuitton, Dolce & Gabbana, Salvatore Ferragamo, and Calvin Klein have ruled the fashion industry for decades.”



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