Facts about my boyfriend.

December 23, 2011

I find this very funny because it will be my first time to post something about my guy!

  • He likes anything white, blue, and purple (same with me)!
  • He has a collection of shoes,comics, and caps.
  • His main talent? Dancing and mixing songs.
  • He’s the epitome of laziness. Talk about getting up late in the morning, playing games in his PS3 for hours.. what else? =))
  • He loves anything Marvel or DC.
  • His ultimate dream is to be an astronaut.
  • He doesn’t like to clean his own space. For as long as he can find the things that he needs, that is perfectly fine for him.
  • Rarely does he eat veggies and fruits (when I get mad already).
  • He loves me so much. Sorry, ladies. :”> HAHAHA.

These are just the things that I can share to you. It will be better if anyone could be friends with him someday. Send him a question through Tumblr! (http://movelikemc.tumblr.com/)


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