Sino ba talaga ang DAPAT sa Pamantasan ng De La Salle?

March 18, 2012

At ang kasama nating maghahanap ng mga solusyon, Your Executive Board

Sluggo RUSTIA, Your Executive Treasurer
Mich DEL CARMEN, Your Executive Secretary
Cleo LEOGARDO, Your Vice President for External Affairs
Ina ONGSIAKO, Your Vice President for Internal Affairs

Serbisyong totoo, Pamumunong may prinsipyo, Isang presidenteng TAPAT sa inyo,
JANA CABUHAT, Your University Student Government President.

College of Science, have you taken a closer look?

Ang MAGBABALIK ng DAPAT sa COS, Your TAPAT Leaders for this General Elections

Uunahin ang inyong kapakanan, Mamumuno ng may paninindigan
Mavi Remo, Your Batch President

Serbisyong may Laman, magsusulong ng inyong Kapakanan
Den de Vera, Your Executive Vice President

Ipaglalaban ang inyong karapatan, Prinsipyong hindi mababayaran
Trish Canlas, Your Legislative Assembly Representative

Jouella Camille Mercado
Batch President

Angela Gaston
Executive Vice President

Jan Pereche 
Legislative Assembly Representative

At ang iyong gabay at kaakbay na TAPAT at TUNAY,
JC Zamora ,College of Science, College President!


One Response to “Sino ba talaga ang DAPAT sa Pamantasan ng De La Salle?”

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