Chase your dreams and learn to fight for it.

May 5, 2012

In the middle of the night, I once told a good friend of mine that no one else in this world could ever dictate the decisions that you make – not even your parents. Parents must be a role model to guide and support their children with what their heart desires. Unfortunately, not all parents realize this. Not even mine.

When I was still a senior highschool student in my previous institution, I was struggling with what course to put on the application forms of those schools I’ve applied for college. I definitely know what I want. I just simply want to be a writer, a journalist, and a broadcaster. I’ve always imagined myself writing for a well-known newspaper or delivering the latest news and updates on a famous TV station, and eventually pursue Law after getting a degree in college. One of my parents was definitely hesitant with what I want for myself. He or she told me that pursuing Medicine instead of Journalism or Communications is a better option since getting a degree in those fields and finding a job in line with that is very odd in our country. I told myself, “Hey, why not take a pre-med course instead? Who knows, you might eventually like it in the latter part.” So yes, I did. And guess what? I didn’t like it. I never did. Reading thick books containing hundreds or even thousands of scientific terms and definitions that only Science students will understand does not encourage me to push myself and do better. Solving problems that aren’t applicable to daily situations is never my thing. I find it useless and a waste of time. It’s like a routine. You compute for something that you can’t see nor hear. You can’t think of any applications that you could use that into, unless the professor gives you the formula, which most of the time, they don’t. You need to make an effort and derive the formula that you need. That, does not make me enthusiastic when it comes to my academics.

So, after a year of struggle, I decided to pursue my passion. My passion for writing and reading is what every system of my body craves for. And those people whom I loved? I expect them to respect and understand my decision in every possible way. Unfortunately, expectations lead to disappointments. I wasn’t able to feel the support that I needed from them, and it tore me apart. I firmly accepted every harsh word coming from them. Is this the prize I get from fighting for what I really want to become in the near future? Now, I don’t even think that the saying, “parents know best” is clearly applicable anymore.

We, ourselves, are in control of what lies ahead of us. We are the only ones who are responsible for our own future. Not even people who patiently raise us here on Earth can dictate the role that we will portray in the future. We are destined to live here on Earth because for a purpose: we should always choose to do the things that make us happy. After all, every human being is in pursuit of happiness. And each and every single one of us deserves a good laugh oftentimes.


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