Hearts all over ❤

May 30, 2012

Just like light switches, we’re on and off. We’re crazy. We’re too in love with each other. We can shout at the top of our lungs, say nasty words, cry ourselves to sleep, and at the end, hug each other so tight that neither of us don’t want to let go. We can fight all day long and next thing you know, we’re already laughing are asses off. Just like any other teenage couple, we also go through hell oftentimes for a lot of reasons. I am a lady full of pride. I don’t let people step on me just like that. I always want to win every argument that I encounter with him nor with anybody else. The worst part is, “what Danica wants, Danica gets.” And he’s the only one I can think of who can accept and love me with all the flaws and shortcomings that I commit. We  both treat our arguments as blessings. We move on, say sorry, and make it up to each other. Every problem that we experience is design to to tear us apart, yet we come out even stronger than ever.  We embrace our differences as much as we enjoy our similarities. And I think that’s the best proof of love.

God bless everyone!


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