Could Not Ask for More.

June 24, 2012

“These are the moments I thank God that I’m alive. These are the moments that I’ll remember all my life. I found all I’ve waited for, and I couldn’t ask for more.”

I miss everything. From those silly fights that end up in reconciliations to those moments whenever we feel like we have our own world. Everything. Those late night conversations when we talked about anything regardless of what topic we came across. Those rainy days whenever we rush to the nearest coffee shop and indulge ourselves with a cup of coffee while we work on our school works. It’s really been a while since the last time I felt that. We are now  in college and honestly, I hate it. I hate that we don’t get to watch movie flicks every Saturday, I hate that we study in different schools, I hate that we always have a limited time whenever we have the chance to see each other… I hate a lot of things which supposedly I should be happy about.  But as they say, you only hate because you love. As much as I want to be happy that you now have a new set of friends whom you can share stories and laughter for almost everyday, I just can’t. I envy them. They are absolutely lucky. I hate to think that I’m starting to have a gap with you. It sucks. I wish I could take all of this sadness in just a snap. 😥


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